Friday, April 8, 2011

Admiring the NCPTT Handiwork

Taking advantage of the good weather, the TCPA held its monthly board meeting at Tolomato on Thursday so that all the members could see the work done by the NCPTT workshop participants.

Board member Nick McAuliffe took these photos of the board members not only admiring the work but trying some on their own.  Here Sarah Miller, who attended the workshop, wets one of the limewashed vaults so that another coat of limewash can be applied.


Below, Tom Caswell and Janet Jordan, watched at a safe distance by board members who wanted to avoid getting limewashed, apply another coat to one of the vaults.  Limewash actually is very easy to apply, it washes out of clothing (and hair) very easily, it’s odorless and non-toxic. What more could you want?  Of course, it does wear off and have to be reapplied every year or two, but if you just pick a pleasant day and redo it every now and then, it’s a painless process.


We also had time to examine the exciting preservation materials we learned about from the NCPTT workshop and intend to put together a plan for working on the other monuments that are seriously in need of help.  This was definitely one of the most enjoyable board meetings we have had!



  1. Do you know if the Masters crypt (I believe that's the one with the opening in the top) be fixed? There are bones open to the elements in that one.

  2. It was fixed just yesterday (August 6, 2011).