Saturday, January 22, 2011

Matthew Kear’s Book Arrives!

It’s here!  Matthew Kear’s 2009 Cornell University thesis on Tolomato Cemetery, which was instrumental in the formation of the Tolomato Cemetery Preservation Association, is now available to anyone and everyone on the Internet publisher

The book is available in printed format or in the immediately downloadable PDF format, which can also be read on your Kindle or any e-reader that you possess.  I already had a copy of the print version, so I bought the Kindle (PDF) format version and was impressed by the clarity of the photos and maps (when you zoom in on them). They display beautifully and full-size on a Kindle DX or any other larger device that can display a full-size page.

The print copy is $29.99, and they will deliver it to you very rapidly and efficiently.  The Kindle/PDF copy is $12.99 and you can download it right then and there.

This is a very comprehensive view of Tolomato. It gives you a good overview of the history, enough descriptions of the people buried there so that if your interest is in the existing marked burials, you can do more research, and a very good description of the existing markers, their condition, and the overall condition of the space (although another tree has fallen since Matthew wrote his thesis). Go to Lulu now!

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