Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Preserving our Preservation

In the course of preparing for our Annual Meeting, I had to review all the things we had done in the past year – and I realized that we had done a lot! 

Even if we limit the survey to preservation work alone, we have an impressive list: one marker repaired and raised again, 8 markers cleaned, one large vault patched and re-stuccoed, bricks repointed in other markers, and three vaults cleaned and lime-washed.  Pretty good!

However, we haven’t been keeping a very close record of this, so we’re reforming our ways and are developing a form to document each feature that we work on. While we have done a lot, we did the work over a very short span of time, so we can go back now during the quiet winter months and recreate the records for what we have done (while we still remember it!).  And we have a photographic record that we will include. 

Most of the markers in the photo below have been cleaned or repaired, and in the spring, we hope to start on the ironwork.



All of these records will eventually be in our on-line archive.

In the meantime, come out to our next Open Day, December 17, 2011, and see for yourself!

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