Saturday, November 12, 2011

Preservation Time!

Once again a flock of eager volunteers descended on Tolomato, cleaned it up and flew away again.  We had another preservation work day today, and assorted volunteers, including students from Flagler College and from as far away as SCADA (Savannah College of Art and Design), came to the cemetery to tidy up, clean markers and even limewash a vault.

Here we see volunteer Zack working on the Keenan marker.  He is picking off the vegetation and will clean it with D2.


In this photo, volunteers work on the Andreu vault.  They are getting ready to limewash it after cleaning it. The stucco and mortar are in bad shape and will be restored in the future, but even cleaning it and giving it protective coat of limewash will help preserve it.


Below, a group works on the marker for Francisca Gonzalez, who died in 1876.  They have already done a lot of work; it was illegible when they started.


Triumph!  The Gonzalez marker as it looks now…


and  the Keenan marker and the Andreu vault as they look now. Many, many thanks to all our hardworking preservationists!


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