Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Research Committee Meets

Our brand-new research committee had its first meeting last week at the Diocesan Archives.  Here we see the Chairman, Tom Caswell, and docents and/or members Janet Jordan and Louise Kennedy.  The back of the head belongs to docent Sue Barrow.  Sister Catherine Bitzer, Diocesan Archivist, took the photo.

Tolomato Cem. Docent Mtg.

The Research Committee will facilitate and coordinate research into Tolomato Cemetery, the people buried there and even preservation and materials issues.  Tom has gotten it off to a start with an on-line archive in the University of Florida Digital Collections, where we will collect texts and even digital artifacts such as photos, videos,  etc.  At the moment, there’s not much in it, but that will change over time and we hope it will eventually be a valuable resource.

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