Monday, August 15, 2011

The Storage Project–Completed!

In the last few months, the TCPA has been acquiring growing amounts of “stuff” for its activities, ranging from preservation materials to tables and chairs used for our open days.  We’ve been stashing these things wherever we could, but now we finally have a space for our “stuff” and can prepare for future activities. 

The hardy band turned up once again to install the storage shed, a large vinyl Rubbermaid shed, behind one of the vaults. Here we see the tireless Bob Kennedy, with an appropriate-looking wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow was made by Bob’s father back in the 1930s – and 70 years later, it’s still going strong. We used it to carry off the scattered metal and stone debris we found so that we could pile it neatly at the back of the lot.

2011-08-13 11.32.40

Janet Jordan, who is recovering from a broken ankle, was our official reader of instructions.  She read the directions aloud while we lined up the pieces; this was an enormous help!

2011-08-13 09.47.18

Here Louise Kennedy puts up a side panel.

2011-08-13 10.14.41

Priscilla de la Cruz shows off the completed shed.

2011-08-13 11.14.21

And we’re already starting to fill it up…we will add shelves next week so that we can store our preservation materials.  The shed is not visible from other parts of the cemetery, and will help to preserve the spacious, tranquil feel of the site.

photo 5

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