Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Looking at Tolomato



The photo above shows a wintry day at Tolomato Cemetery…a cold and breezy day, without many people walking the streets of St Augustine.  But warmer weather will come again, and we’re getting ready for the Spring visiting season. Although on our last Open Day this Saturday, which had similarly cold weather, we had a record of nearly 500 visitors…so perhaps the weather really doesn’t matter to most people.

We’re going to start this year by taking a long look at Tolomato, historically, in its material details, and even from its archaeological aspect at a special event this coming Sunday, January 27, at 3:00 pm at the Bishop Baker Center in St Augustine (159 St George Street, on the grounds of Cathedral Parish School).  Our gifted docents will present different ways of looking at Tolomato, ranging from our collection of historic photographs, to the diocesan records so beloved of genealogists, to underground GPR explorations and an inside view of our exciting preservation work.

Don’t miss this event if you’re interested in Tolomato Cemetery.  The presentation is free and there’s free on-site parking.

And this time we’re making a special request:  if you have any historic or even not so historic photos, postcards or other views of Tolomato Cemetery, bring them!  We’ll scan or photograph them with your documentary information about them for our permanent collection, and time permitting, we may even show a couple of them to the audience.  We are very eager to get more photos of Tolomato over the years, and anything you have is very welcome.  It doesn’t have to be very, very old: even a photo of your Aunt Maude taken in front of the gate in the 1980s would do!

We’re all looking forward to Sunday!

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