Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Opening, Another Show…

Here are your happy TCPA program presenters, celebrating after a truly wonderful group presentation at the Bishop Baker Center in St Augustine.  Left to right, we are: Elizabeth Gessner (I was  the MC and also discussed a few artistic views of Tolomato), Alicia Maskley (Preservation); Sarah Miller (Ground Penetrating Radar and Archaeology); Nick McAuliffe (Historical Records and Research); and Louise Kennedy (Genealogy and Burial Research). These are rather general descriptions of each person’s talk, but the overall idea was to give attendees an idea of what we do and to introduce them to some concepts in both preservation and historical interpretation of historic cemeteries, Tolomato in particular.  We also introduced the current board and elected our new board members, Greg Phillips and Brenda Swann.

Each of us did a 10-minute segment about our various specialties, and then the attendees had time for questions.  I have heard that there’s a video of the event, and depending on the quality, I may post it.

We also did a sneak preview of a new project…but if you weren’t there, you’ll have to wait for the formal announcement!  That’s a good reason to come to your TCPA events: to avoid the suspense. 


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