Sunday, September 18, 2011

Venturing at Tolomato

Yesterday was our monthly open-to-visitors day at Tolomato, and in addition to more than 200 other visitors, we had some 80 Venture Scouts visit Tolomato as part of an orienteering or geocaching excursion to St Augustine.  Venturing is a program for young people who have “aged out” of Scouting, which only goes through age 14, but want to continue with the wonderful activities and fellowship of Scouting.  Most of the members of the groups who passed through seemed to be between 16 and 21, and included some foreign exchange students, as well as people from all over Florida and Georgia.

Groups were given the coordinates of different locations in St Augustine and had to find them with a GPS device and then find some item or place within the location and have their photo taken next to it. In our case, they had to find the vault of Elizabeth Forrester, which is the oldest extant vault in the cemetery.

Some of them found it right away, some of them explored the entire cemetery before finding it, but they all found it and had their photos taken next to it – wearing the colored bandannas that identified their particular group.  Elizabeth Forrester, who died at the age of 16, would probably have been happy to know that this youthful company would visit her so many centuries later.

In this photo, one of the groups says a little prayer for Elizabeth Forrester.


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