Saturday, May 21, 2011

Open to Visitors–on a hot Florida day

This blog has languished a bit because I have been been busy moving to another location in St Augustine, but we all rallied and turned out at the cemetery to welcome visitors on our usual 3rd Saturday opening.

Below, Nick McAuliffe, watched by Bishop Verot, leads a group of fascinated visitors through the cemetery.


This is also a good time to remind readers that, for those who can’t visit the cemetery regularly, we have other sources of information available.  Louise Kennedy has just added her PowerPoint presentation on the Freedmen (Frank Papy and Hector Adams) ( to our archives , and earlier this month, I added a presentation on some of our recent preservation work as well as our Member Newsletter (

Many thanks to Tom Caswell, our Research Committee chair and a librarian at the University of Florida, for maintaining this valuable archive.  Now folks have got to start using it! 

And remember, we are always looking for information to add to it.

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