Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas at Tolomato Cemetery

This year, thanks to a suggestion from TCPA member Buff Gordon, we decided to decorate for the holidays.  We went to a local Christmas tree lot and got two lovely real fir-branch wreaths, which we hung with nylon fishing line and which so far have remained hanging through some very rough weather!  Knock wood...

The weather today was beautiful clear winter weather, however, and the cemetery was at its most beautiful.  I went out to take a photo of the wreaths for this blog and spent the morning snapping various scenes, although I am certainly not a great photographer, alas.  But little details stood out in the bright sun. Below is the trefoil Chi-Rho symbol on the vault of Fr. Miguel O'Reilly (d. 1812), reflecting the trees in the little pool of rainwater that always collects in it.

During my photographic excursion, our resident fish-hawk, seen here against the almost unreal blue sky, watched me like...well, like a hawk.

Tolomato Cemetery will be open this Saturday, December 21, from 11-3, for visits and tours.  It's supposed to be another nice, clear day, and all photographers are hereby reminded to bring their cameras!

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