Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mullet on the Ground

Sarah Miller of FPAN and her new assistant, Ryan Harke, came over to show off Tolomato to some visiting cemetery representatives from other parts of Florida. But in the midst of our tour, we came across the unlikely sight of a dead mullet lying on the pathway under one of the giant oak trees! The unfortunate fish was still glistening with water, and furthermore, it hadn’t been there only a few minutes earlier when Ryan had walked up to the chapel. We realized immediately that it had to be a sign of our semi-resident osprey at work; clearly, we had distracted him at his lunch and he had dropped his prize.  This adds a whole new risk to the cemetery, that of being struck by a falling fish, which Ryan narrowly avoided!

Mullet Fish

Tolomato Cemetery is full of wildlife, most of it birds living in the oak trees. There is a large hawk that frequently turns up perched on a vault, and we have seen owls and, of course, our osprey. Another wonderful thing that Tolomato provides to St Augustine: a habitat for wildlife right in the midst of the city. Alas, I’m afraid it’s not so good for the fish.


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