Thursday, April 18, 2013

Meanwhile in Sitges...

Sitges is a former fishing village, now resort town, about 30 miles south of Barcelona. I'm here for a conference on Catalan Nativity figures, but I happened to see an old cemetery on the way to the hotel, so of course I had to show you some photos.

Behind the wall is the Cemetery of San Sebastian, attached to a church of that name. The cemetery was opened in 1824 and is still in use. The older burials were in vaults in the center of the walled quadrangle and the new burials are in the wall (some 7 or 8 "stories" high) that surrounds the garden.

The cemetery has some great 19th century monuments, such as the one you see below, with its resident pigeon.

There was also a carving on one of the vaults that was a common 19th century theme (time flies) that also appears in Tolomato, on the outside wall of the Varela Chapel.

The cemetery was nearly hidden from the street by the wall, which on the inside was covered with markers indicating the burials in the wall.

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