Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Pigments Have Arrived!

They’re here – the pigments for the limewashing segment of our upcoming preservation work day. 
On Saturday, November 12, from 10-12 (and beyond), our assembled forces will gather at Tolomato to clean headstones, do some planting and lime-wash a vault or two.  Since the limewash by itself is pure white in color, we have gotten some earth pigments and will mix in small amounts of them until we achieve a color that fits in with the color of the stucco elsewhere in the cemetery. Even though the existing stucco has probably darkened over the years, stained by tree run-off, it did not start out as pure white and probably the limewash used to maintain it was not pure white either.
So we will experiment and try to achieve a harmonious color with this all-natural component, which is simply ground stone and earth.  Limewash protects the stucco and will prevent it from flaking off of the vaults, which are either brick or coquina, and exposing the stone and the mortar to damaging air and water. 
If you want to come and help us play with the earth colors, come on November 12.  Please call or e-mail us (904-257-3273 or  in advance so that we’ll have enough brushes and pails.  Bring gloves and eye protection.  The mosquitos have gone to sleep for the winter, so you don’t need the bug stuff this time!

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